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Typical Log Home Image

A typical log home package from Stone City Log Homes includes the following: Logs, Gasket Material, Caulkings, Lag Screws, Ext. Oil Finish, Structural Timbers for Posts, Beams, Loft Joist, Ridges, Rafters, Tongue and Groove 2 by 6 for loft floor and roof decking, Log Sidings for dormers, Garages, and walkout basement walls. Optional materials available: Log Stairs, Log Railings

Stone City Log Profiles

6 x 6 D-Log Log Image
8W x 6T D-Log Image
8 x 8 D-Log Image
Log Image
2x6 or 8 Ship Lap Log Siding Image
Swedish Cope Log Image
9in Sweedish Cope Tongue and Groove Log Image

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More Log Home Learning Graphics

Insulated Half Log System Build Graphic
Tongue and Groove Swedish Cope Build Graphic
D-Log Build Graphic
6x12 Dovetail Build Image